Huddle Collection is very excited to collaborate with wonderfully talented artists from across the country.
Polly Ruffman
Polly is a lifelong doodler and artist who lives in Somerset. She paints playful studies of flowers and nature,  and presents them in frames and mounts she has covered by hand in fabric. A consistent colour palette across her work means that all the pieces (hopefully!) compliment one another.
Hannah Watts
London artist and pattern designer Hannah Watts with a series of Indian Block Print inspired collages.

Sharing our passion for colour, pattern and traditional block print techniques, Hannah's stunning artwork beautifully complements the ethos behind the Huddle Collection. 

Hannah studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art before learning about graphic design and printmaking in London. Using these skills to create her collages, the importance of colour and pattern is key, and how they work in harmony or in contrast is something she continually explores. 

She loves to travel and finds most of her inspiration from the tropical countries she has visited, using nature as the focal point. She is also an avid collector and the paper she uses to create her collages have all been collected during her travels.

For Huddle, the first collection is inspired by the many vibrant colours of India. Combining traditional paper block prints from Jaipur, India and Nepal, Hannah has created colourful collages of different traditional Indian flowers. 

Each piece is unique, and we look forward to revealing new and exciting additions in the future.